• Sandra Chung Nga-Shan
  • “My work is inspired by dance movement and rhythm, my body is a reflection to the process. I simply use basic techniques to create an abstract form, almost like a random object creation based on my body movement. The object is a reflection on expression. I am not producing a form, but producing a repetition process.”
  • Artist Story
  • Sandra is a Hong Kong based artist who was previously trained as textile artist. She had spent several years in Melbourne whilst working towards her BA in Textile Design degree at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT). and completed her MA in Fine Arts study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2011.

    Sandra's work traces the pirouette movement (the act of spinning on one’s foot) in ballet, reflecting the physical space between form and position. Her work is a meditative process of consistent tearing and weaving movements. It is deeply connected with her personality, disposition, motivation and expression. With a very hands-on and tactile approach, Sandra enjoys working with a range of media such as acrylic, Chinese ink, paper, yarn, and fabric.

    Sandra has exhibited in numerous group shows in various cities including Melbourne, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  • Location
  • Hong Kong
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