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  • “Some stories ask to be told, some to be drawn, some to be sculpted and some to be sung”
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  • Malavika PC is an Indian artist, illustrator and performer. Her chosen medium in the field of fine art has always been drawing, and she received her BFA in Ceramics from the College of Arts, Chennai in 2004.

    Performance has always been part of Malavika's life since she was 4. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, she worked with several Tamil theatre groups from Chennai – in 2006 she joined The Perch Performance Collective – and was an active part of their productions for the next 6 years. In 2013, she anchored and co-wrote 60 short non-fiction films for young adults for Pudhu Yugam, a Tamil television channel. She currently partners in running and creating content for Radio Potti – an online bilingual weekend audio network.

    She began training in drawing once again in a design studio and established herself as a Children’s Book Illustrator. Her work in book illustration is in collaboration with Karadi Tales, and they are working to create a series of books for children with children, titled “The World According to Us”.

    Creature Comfort is a series of 22 drawings driven by detail, improvisation and play – with her key instrument being her 0.1 Isograph Pen and colour inks that she mixes. The show opened in 1 Shanthi Road’s Gallery on the eve of 2012 and travelled to Sita Gallery in Pondicherry and finally to Tree of Life’s online show space. She is currently working on her new series – “Ball Clay” – set to be shown in the fall of 2015.

    Malavika PC currently lives and works from her studio near Auroville.
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