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  • The youngest delegate in the 1st Mindanao Visual Arts Congress in 1997, a thirteen year old in short pants at the time, Kurt Lluch has come a long way. He became a founding member of the Mixed Media Visual Artists of Iligan City, exploring different media while indulging in mythological books and graphic novels.

    He became assistant manager and curator of Lea Padilla’s Linya Gallery in Iligan in 2001, organizing shows for Mindanao artists for a decade. He became a finalist of the Philippine Art Awards in 2006, and was one of its Mindanao regional finalists when it changed its competition format in 2007.

    Lluch’s art deals with how people carve their existence, their little stories, how they try to define themselves in an evolving society.

    For the PASTiche group show, he zeroes in on the stories that he read as a child, the story of the “velveteen rabbit,” and Greek mythological stories about the “the dragons teeth” and the “12 labors of Hercules.” He works on each story based on how remembers it, the fascination and wonderment that he felt reading it, its comedic and tragic qualities, how it affected the yellow brick road to his present.
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