• Fumiko Toda
  • “I am obsessively fascinated with color, texture, textile design, and form, although most of the images and inspiration I find for art are drawn from my childhood background. After attending Art and Design University in Kyoto, I moved to New York City, in 2001, and was strongly influenced by the urban experience; how metropolitan living tends toward disconnection and results in an existence bereft of intimacy. Through the making of art, I engage this disconnection: from the community of humankind, and from the natural world. ”
  • Artist Story
  • Japanese artist Fumiko Toda grew up in the Japanese countryside. Feeling alienated, lonely and oppressed by Japan's rigid school system, the young Toda often escaped to a nearby pond where she would observe insects and bugs for hours. These tiny creatures eventually worked their way into her artwork, where they remain to this day. She eventually studied at the Sugii Art Institution in Mie, and graduated from the Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2000.

    In 2001, Toda moved to New York City, where she studied painting with Sonia Gechtoff, figurative drawing with Costa Vavagiakis and printmaking with William Behnken and Kathy Carraccio at the National Academy of Fine Art through 2007. Toda moves seamlessly between the realms of painting and printmaking and has exhibited her work extensively. Her paintings and prints have an obsessive quality of intricate detail, repetition of forms and patterns, all rendered with colors so vibrant, as if they were ground from pure minerals and substances found only in nature, or in the insects themselves.

    She eschews sketching and reference materials, etching directly onto zinc plates, applying complex techniques, such as Chine-collé and A la poupée. Toda attributes her sense of design, space and line to her years spent in Japanese art schools.

  • Location
  • Japan

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