• Etsuko Fukaya
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  • Yamamoto Gendai Gallery
  • “"Thinking about expression, a painting is no match to words in power, no match to a photograph in accuracy, and no match to music in luxuriance. But I still choice painting; there is no reason, I just like painting"”
  • Artist Story
  • Etsuko Fukaya loves painting, and as far as she can remember, she was the kind of child who never stopped drawing. She loved books as well, believing that the power of words can go beyond that of a picture. Alas, words and paintings are inextricably intertwined, and words always follow through the process of painting.

    Fukaya has chosen etching to express the details as it allows her to draw extremely delicate lines. She exclusively works with naked eyes because even the loupe sets in between her eyes and the work becomes obstructive during the process. The finished work is filled with lively creatures that seem to be celebrating the lives given by the artist. An enriched world is stuffed inside the small picture frame and attracts one’s attention to staring into its richness for hours.
  • Location
  • Japan

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